The Amish were also too stupid to die of Covid. I’m seeing a pattern here..

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Well written.

This is what happens when people elevate daddy government as their savior instead of the one true Savior. They worship at the altar of the Government and blindly trust it, as it prepares to slaughter them.

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We Didn’t Need To Find The Cure For Cancer.

We Found The Cause.


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A topic near and dear to my heart. As a physician (M.D. and DAOM - doctor of chinese medicine) with 15 years clinical experience, I can say categorically, that vaccines have never produced a positive outcome, ever, in the history of humanity. Anyone who does not hold that same contention, either has not read and researched enough yet, or has some other agenda. Yes, I'm speaking strongly here; as they are that dangerous. It is the most important thing to know about one's health history when doing a medical intake. That, and their exposure to EMF/radio frequency (quickly catching up to vaccines as one of the most important things to be aware of, if one's wishes to remain healthy).

To date, I have well over 2,000 hours research on vaccines, and have in my library over 60 books on vaccines. There's an ocean of information as to the real danger of vaccination. If people simply look up books on vaccines in amazon and read the innumerable comments by readers, even that will unravel the reality.

Here's just one tiny drop in that ocean - Dr Suzanne Humphries presentation (from 2015) on aluminum; just E adjuvant in vaccines. https://www.bitchute.com/video/Dk1BYalDGapI/

Another world renowned expert on aluminum - Dr. Christopher Exley. He's on substack, among other places. And that is just one ingredient typically found in vaccines. A presentation he gave in 2018 on aluminum specific to the HPV vaccine - https://www.bitchute.com/video/9hxxiqeMvKuj/

As for RFK Jr. - the entire Kennedy family is very suspect, in my opinion. RFK had two ancestors who both signed into law completely pro vaccine legislation that were key to foisting this mess on an unsuspecting population. Anyone can look them up. RFK Jr. He is insanely pro-Israel (Zionist) and completely whitewashed what is allegedly happening in Palestine right now. Didn't anyone hear his recent comments? And he is still pro-vaccine. Do people still really not see that voting for any candidate will not bring about the levels of change we would need? Full disclosure, I personally do not hold out for a political based solution.


Now, is sharing this information on substack going to usher in the re-education, and persuasive narrative we need at the (way beyond) 11th hour, to affect a revolution and change (for real(? Nope. I choose to hang out at haunts like this simply for a modicum of camaraderie. Feel free not to look at the links, as such.

Billion dollar medical advice - never take a vaccine, for any reason whatsoever. They were never ever safe, nor effective, and never will be.

I knew long before the 'pandemic' that:

a) it was coming (by simply reading things like the PREP Act, Lockstep from the Rockefeller website etc.), and from seeing much medical hoaxing leafing up to it.

b) never to take ANY vaccine, ever. (so any germ claim would be only leading to their solution - a vaccine.)

c) that good health is actually fairly simple; it is people who are complex.

It is my well informed speculation today that, they (BigHarma) does not even publish on their package inserts (found on the FDA's website) all of the actual constituent ingredients that are allegedly contained in any given vaccine batch. Do not trust BigHarma; it is clearly psychopathic in nature and does not have a shred of concern for you or your family's health. They are lying across the board to you.

An added 'fun' bit. Word etymology often dives deep in revealing the true nature of our reality. One I discovered some time ago by simply playing with words a bit:

Go to any Latin to English translator, and put in (with intentional spacing)....

"Sci enti fic" - you will see:

**Know that it is FICTION**

Try it yourself, don't believe me!

Thanks for covering this topic, Ben.

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Low 25-hydroxyvitamin D in utero and likely in early childhood is a risk factor for autism and ADHD: https://vitamindstopscovid.info/00-evi/#3.2.

All these vaccinations https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/schedules/hcp/imz/child-adolescent.html in the USA and other countries surely play a role in the increasing prevalence of these conditions. There is a very widespread belief that vaccination involves a lasting protection from serious disease, with insignificant risk of ill-effects, as well as reducing the risk of transmission and so of infecting others. There are elements of truth to this, in general, but overall people's beliefs about vaccination are far more positive than they should be. Generally, they are less safe and less effective than claimed. For instance, over many years, flu vaccines failed to reduce either hospitalisation or death due to influenza or other respiratory illnesses in 65 year olds in the UK: https://nutritionmatters.substack.com/p/influenza-vaccines-do-not-reduce.

According to https://mikedonio.substack.com/p/the-cdc-released-an-updated-immunization: "The new schedule now has children getting up to 90 injections and adults over 100."

Another likely cause of autism and ADHD is pregnant women taking paracetamol AKA acetominophen: Avella-Carcia et al." 2016 "Acetaminophen use in pregnancy and neurodevelopment: attention function and autism spectrum symptoms" https://academic.oup.com/ije/article/45/6/1987/2617189; Bauer et al. 2021 "Paracetamol use during pregnancy — a call for precautionary action" https://www.nature.com/articles/s41574-021-00553-7.

James Lyons-Weiler mentioned these and some other articles regarding paracetamol / acetominophen in a book he wrote, and a letter he sent to 100 deans of schools of medicine in the USA: https://popularrationalism.substack.com/p/three-years-later-after-ipak-alerted. He also cited research regarding vaccines and fever:

"In 2010, Shoffner et al., (2011 https://www.nature.com/articles/pr9201192) found that 71% of kids with regressive autism had an episode of fever > 101°F In 33% of these cases, the fever occurred right after vaccination – and none showed regression unless fever had occurred."

His whole Substack article is well worth reading. None of these 100 deans replied.

I would not be surprised if so-called "anti-depressants" - SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors) and other types of drugs given this label - in pregnancy also altered neurodevelopment in ways which resulted in autism / ADHD.

Human neurodevelopment - the brain building itself - in-utero is probably the most complex and delicate process in the known universe. Cells have to figure out where to grow, when to die, when to differentiate into other cell types. Any drug which interferes with signaling between or within neurons is likely to disrupt the processes by which the brain constructs itself.

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This is why I'd like to see RFK Jr win...about as likely as finding a unicorn in my backyard, but he's spot on with systems designed to make us unwell.


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we could potentially at least hope for a cabinet spot. rfk as hhs secretary would be my wet dream

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Have hope, and be of good cheer ❗


Perhaps the suns current magnetic pole flip (this year, 2024)



will trigger the earth's magnetic pole flip ahead of schedule (~2030-2040)



and exterminate autism along with all the governments+oligarchs

responsible for such nonsense.

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