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>> Strings theorizes

If Strings were themself obese, would it be their Superstring's theory?

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Sorry not sorry for the late read, just found this.

Have these people ever seen a fat slave?

Yeah me neither.

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Insanity fer sure--see how "hyster-ee" repeats itself--below, a good laff... no iffs, and's, er BUTTS!


Lord Grenville, Prime Minister and leader of the Broad Bottoms faction, meets Sarah Baartman, the "Hottentot Venus": on account of their similar body-mass, a dynastic marriage is considered.

Coloured etching attributed to W. Heath, 1810.


Apparantly in this contest, may the "biggest ASS win!"

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OK please no more "I saw this and now you have to" photos please please no please I'M TAPPING OUT, CAN'T YOU FEEL I'M TAPPING OUT?!

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