The fact that the globalist cabal fear Trump beyond all reason should at this point tell you more than enough to stop your nitpicking obligatory Tump bashing. He is not a perfect human being. Stop expecting a flawless ideal leader to save the planet. He is who we’ve got and I and legions of others are grateful to say the least. There simply is no one with the grit, stamina and vision to compete for your admiration at this time. I love your column and so much of what you write is spot on and just plain excellent, but this begrudging slow drag qualified support of the only candidate that really gets what is happening is tiresome.

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I didn’t want to get behind Trump initially. I saw his many flaws, but ultimately I realized Trump is the only man willing and able to do what needs to be done. Plus everything that gets thrown at him has made him stronger, making me even more certain that Trump is the only person who can bring down the corrupt system.

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You are pathetic. Like a starving man willing to eat dog shit because that's all that's left.

Chump will change nothing.....except the interior design of the WH.....at taxpayer expense.

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Umm, he says that like it's a bad thing...

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exactly, couldn't have given a more ringing endorsement

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I sincerely hope the NWO and associates rapidly disintegrates and, if DT is an accelerant, all the better.

I also hope that Yuval’s stated fear isn’t a diversion from the collapse of banking and the economy and the WHO’s sinister ambitions.

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Another tactic narrative propaganda to manage the swarm.

A real strategic mindset, not a wefer serf, never reveal that an enemy is a threat, because you give strenght doing so.


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Haven't you learned your lesson yet? The 0.01% parasite play both side. This is just a narrative to fool people in believing into a false Zhero so people. An while you stay behind you computer screen watching the show they implement more governance and regulation or whatever behind the kabuki theater. Common guys wake up. He worked for the wefers and his selling you the narrative to keep you hopeful, docile and submissive so keep doing nothing. Check the real reason why he does not want to release is taxes


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Fuck off, Noah Nosferatu----get back to hell where you belong.

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Let’s hope that he gets his, someday. i would not want the globalist regime step off stage without the main actors paying the price for the evil deeds

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Quite the alarmist drama queen, that Yuval. He also generally reminds me of Paul Krugman and Michael Mann (the Michael Mann of purported global temperature increase hockey stick fame). Each named man (and each of their admirers) seems entirely unaware of how threadbare are their personal mantles of authority.

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Try pointing some actual specifics to that "Chump is gonna save us all" drivel.

Oh, this time!......this time!

Only an idiot cannot see that Chump has doubled down on his idiocy from last time. Is he going to brag about the employment numbers, new stawk market highs, and record oil production Biden will hand him? So he can claim he made America great again?

Why aren't Chumptards recognizing those three things under Biden the way the did under Chump?

When are you dumbasses gonna wake up and realize America IS globalism? We fund it, demand it, and protect it around the world. Globalism rises and falls on the condition of America.

You want to end globalism, then you should be cheering the collapse if the dollar. Come to think of it, Chump will help with that, so the WEF minion may be on to something.

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The sad thing is that in the US as in Germany as in the UK, how easily the vast majority of the people can be manipulated by the Governments with help from their propaganda are : the MSM. It doesn't matter what we think, we are a minority.

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"...some kind of, I don’t know, global government or whatever."


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TBH, I'm still waiting for the drugs and computer games he promised...

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He is broadcasting subliminally that Trump is precisely what they want.

-X- The 'kill-box' they have prepared for the population of the USA

prefers the kind of dictatorial reactions

that Trump and his cronies will respond with.

-X- Curfews, gun confiscation, lockdowns, martial-law, executive-orders etc

are all top-shelf tools for the personality group-think clustered around Trump.

-X- Biden, by comparison, is a mere paper-tiger that would inspire on-the-streets resistance.

-X- The Trump cabal would eliminate free-speech in milliseconds,

confiscate anything anywhere in random timings

and commandeer anyone to perform their bidding

to achieve the elusive escape from anarchy that mega-government spawns by overreach.

-X- - And will never do the one thing to eliminate the cause of all of this:

government bureaucracy.

-X- History documents this so clearly that it is impossible to ignore:

Conservative authoritarians are the first tool of choice for revolutions.

And the aftermath always ends up looking like the plot of a "V for Vendetta" remake.

-X- Trump is not that different from Hitler,

except for his incessant groveling before bankster puppeteers.

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