I'm heading down Pau way next week, might drop in a bottle to show my support... SW France doesn't deal in nonsense for the most part... Earthy types.

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C'mon man Where is he supposed to go to find out if he is pregnant?

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Thanks for the link to https://reduxx.info, where I learnt https://reduxx.info/australian-human-rights-commission-decision-prohibits-female-only-events-for-lesbians/ that here in Australia (or at least in Tasmania and here in Victoria), after 20 years of trans activists trying to force MtF trans people into lesbian gatherings, that the law now fully supports this and that lesbians are prohibited from running events which are restricted to women.

The trans activist shit fest is extraordinarily obnoxious and destructive, not least for supporting misogynistic, rape facilitating, intrusions into women's lives and safe spaces, for utterly misconstruing the meaning of the word and concept of "woman" and for fomenting a social contagion which convinces huge numbers of people, especially teenagers, very especially teenage girls, that they were "misgendered at birth".

There always have been a few genuinely trans people, whose sense of self is partly or wholly different from the sex of their body. They were being more accepted in recent decades, but now this shit fest has exploded as a new portfolio of supposed victimhood the wokerati can add to their hierarchy of oppressed people, to further fuel their guilt-inducing social contagion as they profess solidarity with the so-called oppressed and so outrage at whoever they point to as the oppressors. I guess the shit fest is driven some genuine trans people, but it also involves many people who are not trans (allies, who may never have met a genuine trans person) and many who are not trans but who have come to think of themselves as being so.

It seems that a large proportion of people who run the media, parliament, regulatory authorities etc. are so stupidly, egregiously, keen to pursue this supposed liberation movement that they cannot see the grotesque and destructive impact of their actions. There it is, point blank: any man who states that he identifies as a woman can be inserted into women's prisons and lesbian gatherings with the full force of the law, and with wokesters preening their social media feathers by portraying this as supporting "gender diversity", "equity" or whatever.

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