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Regarding applying the "White Supremacy" slur against anyone who fights the Narrative, the pendulum is bound to swing back; this is too far from reality and snagging too many innocents into its net to survive long term.

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It will swing back for sure and it won't be pretty.

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Lefties would be hilarious if we didn’t have to share a country with them…

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CIA is also behind the mind-fuckery known as global-homo, so what?

CIA did scientology (L Ron Hubbard, CIA ret), they also did RC ( Re-Evaluation Counseling; Harvey Jackins, CIA retired ), a scientology for lesbians, that today every social-worker in every county in USA belongs; All is CIA mind-fuckery

CIA said in 1960's with MK-Ultra they wanted to re-program humanity

I would say mission accomplished


Ophrah Winfrey says that Jews look white to her, they almost destroyed her; What is white-supremacy? I anglo-zio ZOG self-hatred;

Today your covered Biden can hates whites too, and Newman of Calif lov-gov can hate whites, but he sure looks white to me.

Self identify today you can be black, but identify as white, and ergo be a white-supremacist;

HRC said it best "What difference does it make?"

They did this under Mao in the 1950's in CHINA, re-education 50Million chinese biz-owners & teachers were murdered, so they could re-engineer chinese society; Once mission was complete they got bored and forgot why they killed all the teachers; Today's China is more CAPITALISM than the USA, where the USA is going for the exact same deal to kill all the teachers ( engineers & math ), and to make sure that real conservatives are culled;

USA ends up being a nation of liberal cucks&morons, dependent upon china for all product & food;

Seems like the outcome is deserving for such a fucked up race of humans, the people at the top that run the show do all this just for entertainment;

Rockefeller brought MAO to power, and Rothschild bank ran the "Re-Education of China", they banned TCM (chinese-med) and went 100% oil-based Rockefeller med, today China is trying to bring back TCM.

Rockefeller once said "The re-engineering of CHINA, was my greatest experiment"

Post WW2 Rockefeller created UN, CIA, CDC, NASA, brought operation-paperclip homo nazi's to USA to run the show;

Today destroying the USA is rockefeller-foundations 2nd greatest experiment;

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We've been fighting Jewish and Freemasonary Egalitarianism and Universalism since the emancipation of the antichrist JEWS funding the French Revolution and all war until today. The White Race is the only Race born from above created in the likeness and image of Yahweh the rest are NOT and will be destroy; including all bastards. This isn't White supremacy, rather it's God supremacy!

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"Here’s the deal, Jack: even if this Indian White Supremacist’s truck accident was a totally organic instance of legitimate domestic terrorism – despite how poorly conceived and executed it was – one must be forced to wonder about the mental health status of an Indian guy with a Nazi flag driving trucks into federal barricades without even any explosives." I had to laaugh out loud at that! Thank you for bringing up the SSRI link. Beyond the FBI just catching their own molded mentally compromised patsy, the liberal press is still giving a totally free pass to big Pharma on everything. The new white supremacist is anyone who is not liberal, ehh? Talk about mission creep!

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Alex Jones put me on the SSRI tip back in the day

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Mike Adams from NaturalNews has mentioned it many times as well...

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How long can white guys like Biden&Neuman lead the anti-white supremacist global-homo police force?

Seems that with SCOTUS not being able to tell a woman from a man, that SCOTUS probably can't tell a white from a black;Whoopie Goldberg can't, 'she caught hell for saying Jews look white to her", and fuck all she even gave herself a jew name to be "TRIBE", but they still call her a nigger;

The blow back in USA is more blacks will kill more Jews mistaking them for 'white people', the irony

The rainbow flag, or rainbow match seems to be the new 'non white supremacist' ID-CARD, seems that if you fly the PRO-HOMO flag, LGBTQxyz then you can go anywhere in USA un-molested, but me thinks that is not the case; I bet you still can't walk around Roxbury, or Baltimore, or Watts and last a minute if you look 'white'. But its been that way +50 years, so fucking what?


Like somebody here mentioned the "Matrix", its only the Matrix if you live on a computer, and get your info from online, and live in the META-VERSE;

If you live on the street in USA, then its all about FENTANYL, sucking cock for lunch money, and sleeping & shitting on the sidewalk;

People who buy into all this MSM shit, are just people that haven't yet, checked into the FENTANYL HOTEL CALIF; "U can enter, but never leave"

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Ever since OKC, just driving a U-Haul near any Federal Facility is like PANIC-BUTTON

It's probably a felony to even park a 'u-haul' near a FED

Contents mean nothing, its all about intention, the statement was made;

Besides regarding the 'nazi flag' quite often the statement being made is that the NAZI is symbolism for todays USA, but they report the flag as him being a Nazi, I'm sure he wasn't a NAZI, and he was PUSHING the NAZI flag into the NAZI-USA's face.

Recently Kayne got banned for life from Twitter, for posting the Israeli flag superimposed with swastika, but in actuality that nazi-israel flag is quite common in Israel, as there are tons of israeli-nazis; Zelensky comes to mind UKRO-NAZI, and they openly wear the SS nazi symbol on their shirts;

Recently in Germany Rogers Water was arrested for comedy routine carrying a NAZI flag, but they allow Nazi materials for 'art use' but they didn't consider his comedy as 'art'

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