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You are spot on using this term, and it is a super descriptive one that fits very well. Biden’s possession of classified documents from his VP and senate days is completely illegal. He was not entitled to any, let alone keep them in the fashion that he did. However, that is the least of this serial criminals offenses. It is a distraction and pretext to get rid of him before his real crimes against this nation come to bear. It is also a chance to apply the same logic and BS to Trump, which is apples and oranges ( no pun intended). I know you don’t like Trump, but however they try to spin it, it is NOT the same. But they feel if they hammer it enough and show how impartial they are when applying “the law” equally, they will come off as hero’s while accomplishing getting rid of their baggage that is no longer useful as well as Trump as a candidate. Clever, but it’s not going to work. Fewer and fewer people are buying the spin on any of this anymore..

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I got a lot of pushback on other sites where this article got posted to the same effect -- that what Trump did is not actually comparable to Biden in terms of the documents. That might be true. In any case, the anarcho-tyranny argument remains.

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The Federal and State actors are literally raping our culture for short-term political gain and wealth gained via kleptocracy.

December 25, 1989, Romanians knew what to do with its own kleptocrrats.

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