Washington Post admitting this is just them following in lockstep with marching orders. All part of a grand buildup. Look at the recent BS with Greene and Fauci.

Greene and her 'grilling' of Fauci means nothing and will not lead to anything resembling redemption. CONgress votes for and approves all sorts of skullduggery. It is simply theatrics. Regarding the pandemic shenanigans, Fauci was not even in charge. National Security council was/is in charge of all the 'pandemic' nonsense. DoD and others in the MIC simply complied with what they were told to do. Fauci and his cohort of actors were all protected via legislation that passed many years prior - PREP Act etc. Americans sat around and apparently did not read any of it, and passively voted for all of this. They are as complicit as anyone else.

Stories like puppy torture, while abhorrent. are simply being used to build up the narrative of the 'satanic deep state', and bring it to such a boil in the public's mind that they await the savior to clean it all up. Trump. After all he is the chosen one dont'cha know!?

Fauci already helped murder countless people during the HIV/AIDS narrative. This is well documented in the public domain. For those who read books (and this is a very good one) you might consider reading, "AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire" by Nancy Turner Banks (Harvard trained physician).


I really like the black background you have setup here, btw!

They are following a biblical narrative and script. As in script-ure.

All this 'Fauci is so evil' stuff (while true) is simply part of a much larger narrative that is unfolding before our very eyes. How many will have the discernment to see it?

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Of course I agree that the problem runs much deeper than one evil little man. But getting the narrative on him established sets up a beachhead for us to go further in on the larger story.

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Good to see this. It was so long ago when I signed up I forgot it was originally the White Coat Waste Project.

People have been calling them White Coat Warriors so long I thought of it as the official name.

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Worth noting Tunisia is a Muslim country where dogs are despised and reviled. No objectors there!

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And that Pasteur was a fraud and Pasteurization is bad for human health.

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Thanks for the information..


The Bible prophesied 7-year Tribulation is at humanity's doorstep & the time to escape is very short. To read more, pls visit https://bibleprophecyinaction.blogspot.com/

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So will anybody go to jail?

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"It's more complicated than that"

"Some of the facts call into question"


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