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Are you surprised? I could not abide watching this hackneyed spectacle. Kudos to you for enduring it and taking valuable time to analyze and put your observations to paper.

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Could probably find the TuckerTrump video in You Tube by now.

I had other stuff to do and missed both but the TuckerTrump

video sounds interesting. It's too hard to type with the freezing and jumping cursor.

I am giving up for now.

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This was awesome! “…too drunk to f&$* 20 minutes in …” and “ I don't ask for much: all I want to hear from a candidate is that he is going to #draintheswamp, with specifics on what hell he's going to unleash on the corporate state. None of that was forthcoming.”

Right on Target! Love it!

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Lol I love it when people say it when they see it! You are my favorite sub stack subscription. Keep up the good work the world needs to hear the truth

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Thanks, Betted. I will.

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When RFKJR was promoting his Falsie Movie, his team solicited me to buy...a Clean Energy Perpetual Energy Machine 's plans...to buildu own.

When I protested it has long been known that perpetual energy machines can't possibly work, they doubled down and insisted it does work!

Which it can't though,really.

Also, attempting to evade my provider's DNS, I got my own, and using Brave as an engine with it worked fine for awhile, but to post this, I had to go though three browsers, and the third one, Opera returned a Google Page not Found.

So I tried a couple more times, still on Opera, until it finally broke through.

Then when I posted the first paragraph, the screen got squirrelly, and my cursor kept placing itself randomly. And then it froze my Phone .

They say if your privacy stuff blocks you, just turn it off.

But it sure seems to me, if you can't get thru , someone must be pretty determined to track you.

And if there is any actual point to trying to be private it's to keep whoever is trying to track you from doing it.

Generally though, it seems the beginning of a new offense against privacy defense.

At this point, on different days, I have seen six to seven different Google Excuses before a browser will connect me.

And all of them are still based on Google. They need to be broken up in to separate entities for All Your 2000 Google Parts.

Does anyone recall those Halcyon Days when a browser would open the world unfettered?

When Google itself would give you 300K possibilities if you had time to wade through them, roughly ordered

by relevance?

It's not 1913 or 1963, not anymore.

It's the end of what passes for Summer, 2023, and this is how it gets worse, slowly, every day that passes .

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