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This is an important lawsuit. Thank You for this story, Ben. Google is the gateway to almost all online information for almost all internet users. I experienced overt censorship from Google (gmail account since 2004) in spring 2016, when I was sending out bcc newsletters to 200 friends, and I was suddenly blocked without respite as I covered the DNC disenfranchisement of Sanders supporters.

I started my Google blog that spring to work around that Gmail censorship, and it did.

The blocking of bcc emails stopped 3 days after the 2016 elections.

The censorship of gmail bcc sends resumed in summer of 2018, and stopped 3 days after voting again.

The pattern repeated in 2020, starting in late spring, and resolving after November, despite the vote-rigging stories I was posting.

All of that changed February 22, 2022 when I posted "Two New Countries" just before Russia invaded Ukraine https://www.johndayblog.com/2022/02/two-new-countries.html

Our family email was removed and my Google blog was also removed. POOF!

The censorship algorithms had been set to total-shut-down on a hair trigger.

The blog and gmail were restored after we groveled a few days, but I stopped sending the bcc newsletters and began a Substack blog, drjohnsblog.substack.com , which mirrors the Google blog that I still maintain.

3 of the subsequent posts have been removed from Google Blogger since then, but the Substack blog has been unmolested and it is user-friendly for subscriibers.

Why do I keep Google?

I am monitoring the censorship patterns as they are applied to my modest internet-research based blogging. I think there are a lot of "ordinary bloggers" like me.

I am not Scott Ritter or Alex Jones. I am ordinary.

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that's a wild story. thanks for sharing

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I love RFK's courage in speaking up and speaking in question of big pharma as well as conglomorates such a Monsanto whose shareholders - despite parading ESG good standing - have not an iota of integrity. Businesses need to be profitable in order to hire people / pay salaries and taxes as well as bills, but profit and doing the right thing (in terms of hard to humans) are not mutually exclusive.

Thanks for this post, Ben.

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I am a bit of an Ayn Rand fan, and yet I couldn't agree more. Government money was funneled to Google in order to get it up and running. RFK's case is a strong one. The problem is that he's running for an office that has been effectively defanged of any executive power. Those who hold the title are either puppets for the elite or completely ineffective. The United States is imploding culturally, socially and economically. I see no point in concerning myself with the next political election. The government can build one Presidential library after another, but they can't fix the potholes on my street.

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I am an Ayn Rand fan and I see no contradiction in opposing Google and other corporations’ interference with our God given rights. These corporations do not represent free markets. Free markets exist outside of government interference. These corporations thrive by working WITH government to destroy competition.

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