A "dingy communist lab"? LMAO

Tell me something, smart-boy, why haven't you gone on the crusade to discover where the flu originated? I can't understand why you are not being just as diligent and militant to find the evil bastard responsible for "releasing" the flu on all of us. Since the coronahoax is EXACTLY like the flu in its symptoms, "contagion," and "death rates." Hell, it even comes around at the same time of year as the flu, and its "vaccine" is about as effective as the flu shot has been for the past 5 decades.

The "lab leak" theory is what I would expect from a dumbed down television/Hollywood indoctrinated society that lost the ability to think long ago.

If you don't know by now that the coronahoax was a globalist psyop used to impose communistic measures across the entire globe, then you are too blind to see past the nose on your face. You know what is really funny? According to you, they let out a "deadly virus" that traversed the globe in a matter of weeks, killed millions, and currently holds the planet hostage.........but has never......NEVER.......been seen by a human eye. There has never been an actual, visual sighting of the virus, you claimed was leaked. It is all based on computer models.......insilico.

Take all that time and energy you have and find something meaningful to do with it. If the Chinese came out today and admitted to the leak (of a fake virus)......funded entirely by the CDC.......what you gonna do about it? Call your congressman? Nothing would ever happen but a bunch of whining and bitching about blah, blah, blah. You really think you would get any justice? Only a fool would think such a thing.

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