The Good News Is:

We Are Not Fighting To Save Anyone - Any More.

We Were Fighting To Save People From The Shots.

We Don't Have To Do That Any More.

We Saved More Than We Needed To. We Saved Plenty.

Now We Are All Fighting Against Those Dumb Enough

To Have Believed The Lie:

The Dead - The Dumb- And The Suffering -

Are Now The Enemies Of The Majority.

So - Keep Beating The Living Shit Out Of Them.

'Like Your Intuition Tells You To.

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Aug 26, 2023Liked by Ben Bartee

"People in my orbit speculate that Ramaswamy is a Deep State plant inserted into the GOP primary to divide and conquer the MAGA domestic terrorist faction of the electorate." Quite possible. One who built a fortune on accumulating personal patient health information, lusts after the final frontier of information i.e. a centralized database of private medical records. What a way to control a population. Vivek is hardly what he makes himself out to be.

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Aug 26, 2023Liked by Ben Bartee

How is it possible to listen to 'mourning joe' without having the gag reflex induce a barf?

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I do it on an empty stomach.

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