Hard to write/think about Pharma without expletives every other word.

Dope Sick. That fbomb show put a stake in my heart. It is SO corrupt...and the Sackler's still have more money than most SubStack readers combined.

I am three years tobacco free, but only one year nicotine free. Dropping nicotine broke me. Completely. For 120 days my BP skyrocketed. Normally 110/120 over 65/80ish. Without nicotine? 155/105. I couldn't catch my breath. I couldn't sleep.

Realized that I'm riddled with anxiety most of the time. Rough go of it as a kid. Head on a swivel. Evil step dad. When I finally recognized and admitted I had anxiety--called the VA, met with some folks--had read 'Body Keeps the Score' before calling VA--anyway, it is now mostly under control.

SSRIs, from what I've read, are as additive or more so than nicotine. Now we have 50+million people totally addicted to a substance that nudges them towards anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation.

It is all corrupt. Unless it is a surgery or an anti-biotic (which are totally over prescribed), Western medicine is a sham. Even surgeons see surgery as the solution to all problems.

The incentives are all wrong. The problems are generational and trillions of dollars deep. It will take an absolute revolution--almost French Revolution style--awakening of the American public for something to change.


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Your last point about the incentives problem is absolutely accurate.

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My wife stopped smoking in March 2021... Nothing happened to her! Why? Exercise and Healthy home made/cooked food.

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Bro, I run about 30 miles a week. Lift 3 to 4 times a week. Walk my dogs daily, has been athlete, and career soldier. Optimally, I book into my day with exercise. Run in the morning, then lift/sauna in the evening.

12 to 13 years ago, we completely change the way we eat. I lost about 25 pounds, and begin to realize how unhealthy I’ve been all of my life nutritionally.

Nonetheless, stopping tobacco broke me. I finally realized that I had the anxiety prior to chewing Copenhagen for the first time. (8th grade)

For nearly 40 years, tobacco masked my underlying anxiety/depression/PTSD.

It wasn’t until I was stripped completely, before the gods, that I could actually feel what was going on inside my body.

It is great to hear that your wife was able to quit without the degree of suffering I experienced.

I still see it as the single hardest thing I’ve ever ever done in my life.

… and I’ve done some pretty difficult things.


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Im wondering for you if its a matter of nicotinic receptors.

Have you ever looked into B3 , nicotinic acid flush niacin kind? It is something you might want to look into , one thing it does is lowers BP , It may also reduce the suffering. Magnesium, L theanine .. just shooting these out there. I have read research on NAC & EGCG also reducing cravings.

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I’m a year totally clean of nicotine. BP is back to normal. Sleep. Anxiety seemed to reduce the moment I admitted to myself that I had anxiety…

All that said, thank you very much. I will follow up and maybe add those to my diet.


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Feb 16·edited Feb 16

I find that keeping my Vitamin D up alleviates almost all depression I have, along with regular exercise. St. Johns Wort takes care of the rare anxiety. There was lots of trial and error there, but I've found what works for me. I've tried anti-depressants in the past. They make me alternate between suicidal depression and homicidal rage. No thanks.

I shun pharmaceuticals for the most part, got 2 left I need to wean off of, and I'm almost there. They're chronic conditions, so I started seeing a TCM practitioner, as TCM is better for chronic ills than allopathic medicine (imo). You see a Western (allopathic) doctor for chronic/degenerative conditions, and you're likely to find yourself on more and more pills, a lot of the later ones to fix the side effects that the previous ones caused. And all those pills don't fix anything, they just mask the symptoms for the most part (imo).

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congratulations on getting off of most of the pharmaceuticals

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As a depression sufferer, I'm going to try those, Bethany. Many thanks!

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The irony of using a queen song in the pfizer ad when the "science" of AZT is likely to have contributed to Freddie Mercury's death (magic johnson quit taking it) probably isnt accidental.

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that's a great point. didn't think of that

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Bravo, Ben. I am a psychiatrist who, in 54 years of clinical practice, has never used a drug to treat any mental or emotional disorder. And, since my practice included a very wide array of clinical disorders and problems as well as psychiatric ones, I can add that I never used a drug to treat any other kind of disorder.

In addition to psychotherapy, I include nutrition (aka "orthomolecular medicine", environmental medicine (aka "detoxification"), frequency medicine of various kinds (including NeuroBioFeedback) and some other tricks and tools, all of which have nothing to do with drugs.

In my mind, pharmaceuticals belong in the ER, the surgical suite and the ICU and pretty much nowhere else since they are dangerous and unnecessary.

I loved your article and will cross post it on my substack, Dr. Rima Truth Reports.

Thank you for the clear and elegant summary.

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thanks. Doc.

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As someone who was put on “off label” SSRI’s at a young age , it was apparent after 2 weeks those drugs didnt work for me. I became aggressive , violent, destructive lol … so it was mix & match until they could find what worked for me.

Keeping me sedated. This went on for decades.

I could tell you endless stories of what I saw and experienced not only as a guinea pig but as a healthcare provider.

Did you know

Proton pump inhibitors cause cancers? Osteoporosis, and other nasty things they dont dare tell people about? Still on the shelves.

Did you know a simple 7-10 day course of common antibiotics can cause patients to go into depression , possibly even psychosis? Oh, they can also shred your tendons & arteries …

These are documented adverse effects, some are Black

Box warnings, but never readily tell the public. It is OUR responsibility to inform ourselves. If they do tell the public its a sound-byte, no one pays attention & notice they are still on the shelves.

I learned at a young age that NOREPINEPHRINE was my issue, for some its dopamine… there are so many chemical pathways that affect mood and behavior not related to serotonin.

Exercise will stimulate norepinephrine, I believe specifically weight bearing exercise - there are studies comparing exercise vs medication & the exercise cohort did better …. That will not stop them from popping the pills.. and once those brains get used to those pills, weaning off is HELL TO PAY so they stay on it . The cycle continues …

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I can't tolerate SSRIs for a minute and I have a lot of friends who obtained no results from them. But other friends have been markedly helped. Cherry picking studies that match our preconceived ideas doesn't mean much. Results in psychology are all over the place. If people only had the self possession to directly feel what meds do for them rather than thinking that they need their doctor's approval, patients could steer their own care in directions that work for them.

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but the underlying mechanism by which SSRIs allegedly treat depression is pseudoscience

The placebo effect is real. what else can I say?

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Drugs. Almost all drugs are useless and harmful, especially legal prescription drugs. I was on lexapro in the early 2000's for my depression - it did absolutely nothing but make me a zombie while I was depressed. No wonder people on depression drugs want to kill themselves.

My depression has been gone for a decade now. No drugs, no psychotherapy. One simple prayer to God and instant healing. That is my experience and it truly happened.

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I shared with my fellow MMS/3i's the following


voza0db’s MindSlavery

2 hrs ago

"A new study has found that exercise is twice as effective at alleviating depression than taking anti-depressant drugs."


Next time try to go for walks in order to preserve the relationship... If that matters!

But exercise doesn't come in a PILL* so I guess MMS/3i's will keep on taking the drugs and live miserable slave lives.

*Exception to that diabetes stuff that allows fat fucks to artificially lose weight and plenty of other things!

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You might like to check out my article on salt restriction and the link to anxiety, stress avoidance and see why molehills magnify into mountains.

Hydration equals salt plus water.

Salt is bad for the heart has been the medical mantra since the 80s. This is a lie.

Dehydration or hyponatremia lowers blood volume and the heart rate must increase to compensate. This Increases heart stress.

The sickness industry has been fortified by demonising salt.

Salt restriction leads to chronic dehydration and physiological compromises like depression, diabetes, dementia and cancer.


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I hate Pfizer for what they did with their "vaccine" and I want to see them all hang - along with Fauci and Birx. However, I'm not sure I agree with this verdict on SSSIs. As a long-term sufferer from depression, SSSIs have helped me enormously. Prozac also saved my wife's life during a terrible episode of acute depression. And yes, I also do a hell of a lot of exercise which - sometimes - lifts my moods. I'd love to get off meds but when I do, I fall into serious depression after a few months. Part of the problem I find with the anti-SSSI stuff is that the people who write it have never suffered from depression. That's not a stab at you, Ben, as I don't know your situation. However, most commentators still think depression is feeling a bit down or feeling sorry for yourself. It ain't. It's hell on Earth. And before anyone asks, no, I'm not some kind of liberal snowflake. I'm ex-military and conservative. Anyway, I try to keep an open mind and don't trust Big Pharma as far as I can throw them, but this is what I have learned from my own experience. Best wishes to all!

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