This is sad but true. I worked with a bariatric doctor to lose weight. Before I was able to see her for my first appointment (4 month wait!!), I found an app and started to exercise and watch my calorie intake. I lost 40 pounds doing that all on my own. When I saw the doctor, she immediately put me on a pill that would up my metabolism and suppress my appetite so that I could cut my caloric intake even more than I had. I lost another 50 pounds during the 3 month regimen with that medication. The point I am wanting to make is that I lost that initial 40 pounds by exercise and watching what food went into my body, and that was successful. Her first instinct was to put me on a medication. Kinda made me feel like I was not as successful as I was because the meds would have helped me lose MORE weight. Bottom line, EXCERCISE and COUNTING CALORIES is the "silver bullet" to a healthy lifestyle (duh, LOL!!) When I saw her again for the 3 month follow-up, she wanted to put me on ANOTHER medication. I said no, I wanted to lose weight on my own because I did not see myself taking pills for the rest of my life. Thanks for this great article!!

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That's a great story. Congratulations

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Congratulations from the bottom of my heart. Well done. And did you drop your doctor already?

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"The appetite-suppressing Wegovy injections were 'one of the most powerful pharmaceutical tools' to date for treating obesity, Prof Jason Halford told the nation."

Side effects include but are not limited to:


Suicidal thoughts



Cancer of the Everything


Twinkie addiction

Hallucinations of your ancestors screaming at you

Spontaneous combustion

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lol! You forgot pancreatitis!

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I prefer the pharmaceutical-medical complex because both are more corrupt than the MICIMATT complex.

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It breaks my heart to see people so obese! These are people with dreams and loves, that cannot realise their lives’ ambitions because of something as crippling as weight and health issues. Most of them are not even heavy eaters, but rather have severe hormonal imbalances because of the lack of nutrition in their foods. Please stop buying food from 99 cent stores and Walmart and target! Go to your local market if you have it! If not, just go to Giant’s or Vons! Or Acme! Or something like it.

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