Biden is a suck fuck. And every one of his supporters is also a sick fuck deranged individual that enables the abuse of children.

This is only another reason why it is impossible to share a country with leftists. Secession is the only way forward. Let them all rotten in their part of the country.

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Politics ruins everything including substack.

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Have you seen the "Ballad of Ashley Biden"? Its all coming back to her now ;) https://youtu.be/rOi2kCZkfJs

PEDOgate: Best Joe Biden as "Pedo Pete" (According to Hunter) Memes

- So many creepy unanswered questions, sometimes they just know, maybe the government is run by a pedo ring after all, new "norms" and more Biden "Pedo Pete" (as Hunter calls him) memes!


BIDENsteria: Best Biden Memes (Channelling Norman Bates!)

- Ashley Biden’s diary (where was Jill?), a regime of whack jobs, Hoovervilles vs. Bidenvilles, the domestic terrorists are coming, Adolph Sniffler, make poverty great again and more Biden memes!


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If Uncle Handsy was a Scientologist he’d be sitting in the Los Angeles County jail.

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