If this dumb sh*t AI is the future, we might as well nuc. ourselves.

Btw, Jenner was a fine Olympian.

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America has already nuked itself.

They don't need the 5G. 4G finished the job.

Witness 2020 and the Plandemic, the Covidiocracy.

And the casualties just keep pouring in.

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I don’t even……

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And I can't blame you.

Human Stupidity has absolutely no limits.

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I always thought the IQ "Bell Curve"

should be centered on zero instead of 100

so that the true scale of human stupidity

could be properly displayed

as the infinitely asymptotic curve that it so magnificently is.

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"Things are so messed up now, Caitlyn Jenner is now saying Bruce Jenner touched her 30 years ago...": https://substackcdn.com/image/fetch/w_1456,c_limit,f_webp,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/https%3A%2F%2Fsubstack-post-media.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fpublic%2Fimages%2F16b6c43e-996c-4ba8-8ef7-9047617d7802_761x568.png

AIsteria: Best Woke AI Memes (The Quest For Diversity Has No Limits!)

White erasure is real, attempts to trick woke AI into showing a white person aren’t working (what's the algorithm?) and more woke AI memes as Google’s AI Gemini generates endless comedy!


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The name of the game is gaslighting- getting people convinced they are moving into an alternate reality.

Just like during the plandemic- shut off the television, leave the phone at home, take the dog for a walk down a lonesome road, and it all goes away.

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That Google clown, Jack Krawczyk, should be sent to the same top floor of the madhouse as Bruce.

I can still remember Bruce Jenner on the Wheaties 'Breakfast of Champions' box. If athletic excellence comes from sublimated urges to cut off one's junk...I'm glad for my relative mediocrity.

The insane Woke Wave feels as if it hit high-tide in 2022 and is slowly being drug out to sea to drown. I can envision 'anti-anti-racist' curriculum becoming in-demand to undo all the damage these clowns have injected into our society.

Jenner is probably the greatest influence in all of this trans-cult, but since he is mortal, it is with great relief I understand AI will continue our decent into madness and destruction...


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The Woke-Wave has reinforcements coming from the Vatican. This party is just getting started.

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Yes, I too remember Bruce Jenner having breakfast with champions.

I don't know how much he was paid to go woke. It must have been a pretty good sum, and one of the best kept secrets of Operation Mockingbird.

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Feb 27·edited Feb 27

If no one should not misgender Jenner doesn't that mean that anyone should misgender him? Sounds to me like AI has left the lunatic "liberal" reserve/plantation.

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