I don't mind the herd thinning itself (see what I did there?) anymore.

They helped make me this way, so I don't mourn my lost empathy, either.

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Topsy turvy it is! Eat the donuts (when yer not eatin' the bugs)--Somewhat related is the half-nekked obese Lizzo booty call celebrated "performance" at the Library of Congress -- here's my "big fat" take on it --


Breathtaking ain't the word for it (she does let it all hang out...)

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Ben, have you attempted to investigate WHO is funding this anti-fat shaming nonsense? e.g. IF its a woke "foundation" controlled by a BIG FOOD company (or Bill Gates?!!!) who is funding these activists, then there might be some disclosures or a paper trail in their filings etc... If its in the media-spend / budget etc for a BIG FOOD company, then harder to trace w/o whistle blowers as I doubt it would show up in SEC docs...

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