WCW, White Coat Warriors is the organization fighting psuedo scientific abuse generally, as well as bringing the beagle/biting insects story to light.

Much or most of their support comes from Change.org and the petitions they place there and I get notification of the latest bit of evil several times a week both directly from WCW and Change.

Lots of other good causes there as well as bad ones I would pay to sign against.

But it's worth wading through to find the good stuff. Just consider the trash the price for knowing whatever you advocate can be there too.

My most recent cause is an old boy in NYC being screwed around about permits after being in business for decades. Not huge, but worth 30 seconds to sign.

Sharing and donations are urged but not required, the main thing is that you signed.

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Dr. Death, brought to you by Donald Trump and his other Big Pharma bootlickers he rubbed elbows with in his White House.

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when you talk to me you'll find

two things to keep in your mind

first i am always serious

if somewhat mysterious


second i'm always joking

let that paradox soak in

wise fool who talks in riddles

watching as nero fiddles


The Worlds Most Dangerous Poet

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"As illustrated by the recent melodrama involving South Dakota governor Kristi Noem and the inexplicably puppy-shooting tale she regaled the American public with in her own book, many among us might not care what humans to do other humans, but abusing man’s best friend is a bridge too far."

I'll be the first to admit that I have that side to me as well sometimes. You did a phenomenal job of covering the contrast between Kristi Noem's dog situation (I'm not defending her at all and dealt with very similar drama in Thailand over my dogs) which is at least human though I won't call it humane, set against the blatant psycopathy of Anthony Fauci's beagle experimentation project, which was just a serial killer torturing for fun and profit. I will say the poisoning of my dogs was the last straw for me in Phuket for a similar reason that you hinted to at the end of the article: what's to stop them from poisoning people next? My husband is a little too drunk and wants another bottle of whiskey and the shopkeeper is pissed off and well, you know with his epilepsy and whatnot we just found him dead. Where does it actually end?

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