I have yet to meet a vaccinated person that I find interesting. Or at least intellectually challenging. The dead ones are of interest to me. But they are not interesting.

Plus they’re dead.

So there’s that.

That the vaccinated ...

Don’t find their own dead interesting

... I do find interesting.


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Dec 4, 2023·edited Dec 4, 2023Author

that was a beautiful quasi-poem Thomas. Thank you for sharing as always

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Dec 4, 2023Liked by Ben Bartee

I wish to spike those who administer spike protein injections to innocents.

The blood brain barrier used to be considered sacrosanct - as did keeping mystery substances away from the pregnant. When people were regarded as more important than profits

And when I say spike I do mean spike - as in a spear shaped weapon.

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The Nuremberg 2.0 "soap opera" is already being lined up. It will be a year-long, 24 hour, live, execution extravoganza for the covid criminals. The advertisers are already being scheduled, that won't include Walmart, Ford, VW or Pfizer. Lots of Germans up in there... Bullet-proof Cybertruck, Solar Power (that makes energy, hydrogen and water from the air), Machine Guns, Guillotine, Wood Chippers, Steam Rollers and the optional Covid Vaccine as the lethal injection. "Safe And Effective" will be written right on it. In the mean time, we need to print out the Top 100 Wanted for covid crimes against humanity, publish them every place where it's legal and lawful. https://nuremberg2.substack.com/p/nuremberg-20-public-trial-begins Then, contact the local district attorney and ask for subpoena's of discovery for your Grand Jury for said criminal. "The Jury, being Earth" - Elon Musk. December 3rd 2023 MEL K | WE WILL NOT GO SILENTLY: A RIVER OF TEARS! HOLDING COVID CRIMINALS ACCOUNTABLE WITH A GRAND JURY https://www.bitchute.com/video/GlKRNwvYjVNF/ -- Elon Musk tells advertisers who boycott X over free speech on social media to "Go Fuck Themselves" https://www.bitchute.com/video/rklDQ5IWc99W/

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And Dolly P helped Mr Moderna with a generous donation😝

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May 15, 2021 The Table Top “Event 201” Pandemic Rehearsal and Its Aftermath (that accurately “predicted” the Coronavirus “pandemic” 6 weeks before it happened)

Less than two months prior to Event 201 (October 19, 2019), Bill Gates invested up to 55 million dollars in BioNTech stock – the company that co-developed – with Pfizer – the first experimental (and still unapproved (by the FDA) 2-dose mRNA vaccine.)


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