When your favorite punk band extols the virtues of voting for Hillary Clinton, you know we are in trouble. Inversion of all values. The most basic ethos of punk is that it's anti-establishment. Sadly the same thing happened in rock. Van Morrison was one of the very few critics. Eric Clapton after he got vax injured. Did Johnny Rotten comply?

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Johnny Rotten didn't cuck.

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The herd instinct is strong. It takes a real hero to resist. Looking on the bright side it makes identifying the true heroes much easier.

More here; https://truthaddict.substack.com/p/lies-damned-lies-and-covid-statistics

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There is a,ways a mourning and grief period when one realizes their heros have become the useful idiots of the entrenched establishment. Take heart, this too shall pass.

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I have been in Punk Rock since 1982. My band was part of the Venice, CA Punk rock scene. It's astounding how easily those we thought were hard core anti-establishment so quickly complied and became the enforcers of the mask fraud and jab mandates. My wife and I went to see The Circle Jerks at The Majestic Theater in Ventura, CA in 02/2022. When we arrived big signs demanding masks and vax cards to enter. To our shock, all the "Punkers" stood in line, 6 feet of distance between groups, masks on theirs faces (outdoors) and vax cards in hand. Made me sick to see the sheep lining up. I yelled at them that this is not punk rock and you are not punkers! We threw away our tickets and left. This tyranny will only end when we DO NOT COMPLY!

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Rage against the 'vaccine'... Or make sure your audience is jibjabjerooned and maskasexual.... Bizarre.

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It's always been Barbie-Landia, Ben, and for god's sake, you have to see Oppenheimer, or you are somehow not human. And Golda, hell yeah. This is the way of the supposed radical and revolutionary faux left lites. Mass formation doesn't really get at it, but . . . .

It's collective Stockholmd Syndrome and Viral Capitalism, all in the DNA of most AmeriKKKans. Think of Edward Bernays, brother. Milton Friedman, brother. All spruced up and Holly-Dirt-zed and PR-spun freaks of the Maddow and Cooper variety. The Blinken-Nuland Whitehouse has been in the making for a while, so you gotta know who the nannies are, who the masters are and how to do your homework and eat your cake, too.

And these poor sops (Goyim?) will scream "follow the science" while their guts burn, their babies come out with brain tumors and their prescriptions push them to suicide.

Yes, I suppose, "that" music scene (I'm 66) comes from the bowels of the exceptionalists, but I have to admire Wayne SHorter over any of the so-called "radical shouters."

This is a fine piece you clickd out, and, like many of mine over at SS-Substack, fucking reality SAD -- all those social anxiety disordered dudes and dudettes, man, in U$A and Klanada and EuroTrashLandia and U-Inbred-K, well, here we are, waiting for Godot.

And that famous lab in Isra-Hell has just created (sic) a human, man, spermless Immaculate Mengeles Conception.




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