c0v1d is not a real disease

a statement that causes unease

it really was an IQ test

to cull the dumb and spare the best


too scared to see what this entailed

rational thinking all but failed

you must look below the surface

to see elite’s evil purpose


provoked panic by a fake test

and then just made up all the rest

xvax not supposed to protect

but the means by which they infect


so many snookered by the press

the quisling linchpin to this mess

now faux woke folk wake up too late

too slow to comprehend their fate


elites escape blame for killing

because the victims were willing

have credulous jabbed’s hopes been lost

to this slow motion holocaust


The Worlds Most Dangerous Poet

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The neo-Malthusian idea

A golden billion ruled by fear

Knowing nothing of the natural law

Now have little choice but war

Crying havoc is an oft used tool

That only supplicates the fool

And so the Lords and Ladies fall

For they are the greatest fools of all.


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woohoo ! ! !

well met, sir, huzzah !


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Blessings! Xx

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Apr 16·edited Apr 16Author

I'm not sure how my comments section became a venue for impromptu insurrectionist poetry but I approve

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And now in cattle...


Got to get rid of the pesky natural protein keeping people alive, especially eggs with their IgY superfood protein that substitutes for Ig4 under attack from Spike related problems.

Here's one for you, Ben, my old bean, from the Groan, today... https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2024/apr/16/uk-facing-food-shortages-and-price-rises-after-extreme-weather

Goddamn weather... Not the broken global supply chain from the Scamdemic, nor Brexit disruption, nor the largest suppliers of grain de facto enemies of the West and 'sanctioned', nor excessive profit generated by monopolistic supermarkets... It's cow farts and you breathing. That's what it is...

'Stop farming to relieve food instability' or 'stop eating meat because we can't grow vegetables'...

Quite the message. Eeeeat Zeee Buuuugs!

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I have seen no evidence of cattle being vaccinated.

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