Abortion has been extended to killing babies after they are born:


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Above all else, I value life. I don’t demand others share my values, but I do demand the people tasked with defending individual rights never use their power to promote eugenics.

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I agree with all arguments that abortions are despicable. And people who celebrate them are mentally ill. I am sure of that. I also love seeing these hairy arm pit "women" go crazy at the possibility of having it prohibited.

However, there is also a third reason to defend that abortions must be legal: Standing for individual rights (of women). For a woman who does not want a baby, the baby is a parasite (literally because it lives off the mother). I cannot be in favor of forcing someone else to carry something that they do not want in their own bodies. Their bodies are theirs.

On the other hand, I think that we should only ever let them be free after they agree that our bodies are also ours. And that we can refuse to be injected with anything that we don't want, for example. Never again jab mandates or anything related to that, which were overwhelmingly supported exactly by women (and the soy-type of "men").

Unfortunately, I don't think people are ready to let other people live free as they want. There are too many control freaks everywhere. So none of these ideas will be implemented anyway...

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