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This crap is pretty awful, but I think deliberate obfuscation is worse.

Like, have you ever noticed how Norwegians like to cheer on Lefty's and tell everyone how great Socialism works?

What they never mention is a huge oil deposit found in the North Sea powers it all.

There is a special oil fund set up, much like in Kuwait, and every citizen has a share in it, currently about a quarter million Krona, which is worth more than $USA 250K, by a fair bit.

Socialism still sux, it's being a Viking Oil Sheikh that works out okay...

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Carlin's comedic talent evolved significantly over time. He didn't start out with these messages that some of us needed to hear. During the last few decades of his life, his material left me speechless. I would start to laugh, and then I'd catch myself wondering how in the hell is he able to say this without being blackballed? Then I remembered that passage in the gospels where Jesus says that he speaks in parables because not everyone is supposed to hear his message. Carlin did the same thing by speaking within the context of a comedy routine. Most people just laughed it off.

I'm just geting over a wicked upper respiratory cold which ended up robbing me of a good 15 lbs. of much needed fat. I'm now under 160 lbs. and for someone over 6' 1" that's a problem expecially for someone who is actively eating healthy. Eating healthy requires the consumption of MASSIVE amounts of food because I don't eat ANY of the processed crap that most people routinely shovel into their food holes without a thought. I'm eating raw vegetables which requires a LOT of energy just to digest. I end up burning more calories than I'm able to convert and store as fat.

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