Loved this! I re-read it out loud to the hubby. Funny stuff, and reminiscent of HST diatribes.

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Have jp morgan, google, facebook, or any other of these useless companies ever forced you to do something that you don't want? Obviously not. You can *always* take your business somewhere else. If their pay is too low, get another job. Oh, you cant? That is not their fault.

What about politicians? Can they force you do to something that you don't want? Obviously yes. In fact, they come to your house every month and do just that: If you do not surrender your property and resist, they will eventually kill you.

So stop being mad at rich people just because they are assholes. They are assholes who cannot force you to do anything. It is the politicians, 99.99% of them, that must be impaled.

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